Luke 4:14-44 Three Demon Details

Luke 4:14-44

Jesus taught in Galilee and was glorified by all (v 14-15). He then taught in Nazareth and all spoke well of him and marveled (v 16-22). But, when the people were given examples of God’s prophets being rejected by Israel and being sent by God elsewhere – all in the synagogue were filled with wrath and intended to throw him off the cliff (v 24-28).

Three demon details:

  1. The demon was in the synagogue (v 33).
  2. The demon knew who Jesus was (v 34, 41).
  3. The demon had to obey Jesus (v 35).

👉 Jesus has control over demons and diseases (v 35, 39, 41).

👉 The crowds sought Jesus and continued to press in on him but Jesus chose his purpose over popularity (v 42-43). ♥️

Happy Tuesday!!

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