Luke 1:1-4 Good News for the Outcast

Luke 1:1-4

Did you wonder where we would go next?

The gospel of Luke is my very favorite. He was a physician so he gives interesting details. He was also a gentile and, based on his writing, seems to have had a heart for the outcast. He highlights women throughout the gospel and is the only writer to mention the prodigal son and the Good Samaritan.

Two takeaways from these opening verses to Luke:

  1. Every testimony matters (v 1-2).

Luke acknowledged that many had already compiled narratives of what they had seen and heard. Yet, it seemed good to him to also tell his story.

  1. Scripture brings certainty (v 4).

Luke’s purpose in writing was that Theophilus would have certainty regarding what he had been taught. It had been a couple decades since Jesus was crucified and Luke felt the need to write an orderly account so that there was certainty regarding the truth of Christ.

Every story matters.

Scriptures brings certainty.

If you have never done a deep dive into the gospel of Luke – the good news for the outcast – buckle up, Buttercup. It’s good. Really good.

Happy hump day!

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