Luke 1:5-24 Pray on, Pray-er

Luke 1:5-24

Zechariah and Elizabeth
• were righteous before God
• walked blamelessly in all commandments and statutes


They had no child bc Elizabeth was barren and they were both old.

I love how Luke, a doctor, is making it clear that
• the childlessness was not due to sin (v 6)
• and – medically – a pregnancy was impossible (v 7)

The result of this barrenness in that culture was a life of reproach (v 25).

Zechariah and Elizabeth

👉 Spiritually – righteous
👉 Physically – childless
👉 Socially – outcasts

And an angel of the Lord appeared to Zechariah and said, “Your prayer has been heard” (v 13).

Whatever your current situation, if you are in Christ, your prayer has been heard. Friend, Zechariah would have been praying for a son for decades at this point. And it had been heard. Each and every time. The pleas did not fall on deaf ears. And neither do yours.

Don’t give up. Pray on.

The angel told Zechariah – you will have a son AND you will have joy and gladness (v 14).

Joy and gladness are yours in Christ.

If you’ve prayed for years and it now seems too late – pray on.

If – medically – your prayer seems impossible – pray on.

If others doubt that your situation will ever change – pray on.

Don’t doubt for a moment that your prayer has been heard.

Pray on, pray-er.

You are loved.

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