1 Corinthians 10 Whose good am I seeking?

1 Corinthians 10

For the third time, Paul told the Corinthians that “all things are lawful” (v 23).

We, as Christ-followers, are free. We have the “right” to do any number of things. There are activities and actions which are “lawful” for us.


The question, according to Paul, was not – “Is it lawful?”

The question was – “Is it helpful?” “Does it build our brother up?”

In any given situation where I may have the right to do something or, in my flesh, I want to respond a certain way – I must ask myself:

👉 Am I seeking my own good or the good of my neighbor (v 24)?

👉 Am I seeking what benefits me or what benefits many (v 33)?

The world says, “Love yourself.”

The Word says, “Love your neighbor.”

Lord, help us to love like you.

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