1 Corinthians 8 Freedom in Christ

1 Corinthians 8

The Corinthians had a certain knowledge (v 1) – they knew that idols were empty of any power (v 4). They understood that there was only one true God. This knowledge filled them not with awe – but with arrogance. Paul said they had become puffed up.

They had forgotten something key to their relationship with the Lord – something Paul opened his letter with back in chapter 1.

👉 To know Christ at all is grace (v 1:4).

None of us deserve to know Him. And we are in no way better than those who do not yet know Him.

Paul understood his freedom in Christ. Yet, he was very aware of those unbelievers who were watching (v 10). And, knowing that Christ died for them too (v 11), chose to conduct himself in a way that would not make them stumble (v 12).

It’s a reminder of Paul’s words in 6:12 – “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful.”


  1. Does my knowledge regarding the grace of God puff me up or build others up?
  2. Do I conduct myself in a way or make choices that would cause an unbeliever or someone weaker in faith to stumble?

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