Isaiah 60 Six Reasons to Shine

Isaiah 60

Is anyone feeling down and dull today?

The Lord says, “Arise and shine” (v 1).

Are your eyes heavy and blinded by tears?

The Lord says, “Lift up your eyes and see” (v 4).

Why? What is there to shine about? What is there to see?


  1. The Lord has made you beautiful (v 9).
  2. The Lord will make you majestic (v 15).
  3. The Lord offers peace and righteousness (v 17).
  4. The Lord brings salvation and praise (v 18).
  5. The Lord will be your everlasting light (v 20).
  6. The Lord promises an end to your days of mourning (v 20).

It’s coming, friends. “In its time,” the Lord promises (v 22).

Rise and shine and lift those eyes.

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