Isaiah 61 Jesus in the Old Testament

Isaiah 61

Jesus. I love seeing signs of him in the Old Testament. Reminders that God was still at work. Redemption was still coming. The people were not forsaken. God had not forgotten.

The Messiah (v 1-3)

• the Spirit would be upon Him

• he would bring good news to the poor

• he would bind up the broken hearted

• he would proclaim liberty to the captives

• he would open prisons for those who were bound

• he would proclaim the year of the Lord – a new era of blessing

• he would comfort all who mourn

• he would give his people a garment of praise

Jesus meets all of these and more!

{Only 5 more chapters left and we will be moving on from Isaiah! Next week – we will begin journaling through our 10th book of the Bible together! Stay tuned…}

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