Isaiah 57 Promises for the Contrite

Isaiah 57

Two group of people are described:


• mock the godly (v 4)
• are cruel (v 5)
• make offerings to idols (v 6-7)
• desert the Lord (v 8 )
• make earthly alliances (v 9)
• are weary but won’t give up their ways (v 10)
• do not remember the Lord (v 11)
• will have no one to save them (v 13)
• are unsettled (v 20)
• have no peace (v 21)

Now, perhaps it sounds pretty bleak for these folks. And it would be – but for the grace of God.

Because Isaiah 57 has a message for those who are contrite and humble.

{contrite: remorseful, affected by guilt, expressing sorrow}

👉 The unrighteous can become contrite and when that happens…


• are revived in heart and spirit (v 15)
• are seen by God (v 18)
• are healed (v 18)
• are lead by the Lord (v 18)
• are restored (v 18)
• are comforted (v 18)
• are given peace (v 19)

It’s not too late to experience the peace that only God can give.

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