Isaiah 58 Our Part and His Promise

Isaiah 58

This chapter really got me thinking.

Look at what the people were doing:

“They seek me daily and delight to know my ways…(v 2).”

That’s good, right?


The Lord said they did those things..”AS IF they were a righteous nation.”

It was all for appearances.

Then, they chastised God (v 3).

“Why are we fasting if you’re not going to take notice?”

“We’re being humble and you’re not even acknowledging it, God.” {Irony, right?}

And look at the Lord’s response (v 4).

👉 Fasting like yours will not make your voice to be heard on high.


You can do all the things every day and it not mean a thing because the Lord knows your heart and you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool Him.

God said that the kind of “fasting” they were doing was never what he asked of them.

How often do we wear ourselves out doing things that we think will make ourselves look better in his sight only to end up weary and broken and no better off?

The Lord said, “I never asked you for that.”

You know what kind of fasting and sacrifice the Lord desires? The kind that focuses on serving and not self.

God said:

• help bear someone’s burdens (v 6)
• share what you’ve been given (v 7)
• be hospitable (v 7)
• stop finger pointing, blaming, gossiping, pot stirring (v 9)
• stop speaking wickedness (v 9)
• pour yourself out for others (v 10)
• help the hurting (v 10)
• honor the Lord (v 13)

That’s what God chooses.

Then – yes – you will desire to seek him daily and know his ways, but it will be for the right reasons.

Rights attitudes and right actions.

Then – and only then – do we reap the rewards.


  1. Light (v 8 )
  2. Healing (v 8 )
  3. Righteousness (v 8 )
  4. Protection (v 8 )
  5. Heard by the Lord (v 9)
  6. Darkness lifted (v 10)
  7. Guidance (v 11)
  8. Satisfaction (v 11)
  9. Strength (v 11)
  10. Refreshment (v 11)
  11. Restoration (v 12)
  12. Delight (v 14)
  13. A godly heritage (v 14)

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