Isaiah 46 The Truth About Idols

Isaiah 46

How do we know if we are worshipping an idol or God?


  1. Idols become burdens and make us weary (v 1).
  2. Though we grow weary trying, we can’t save these idols we carry (v 2).
  3. Idols are man made (v 6).
  4. Idols can not communicate or answer our cries (v 7).
  5. Idols can never save us (v 7).


  1. God carries his people (v 3-4).
  2. God created his people (v 3-4).
  3. God speaks with his people (v 3, 12).
  4. God is eternal – the uncreated creator – and knows the end from the beginning (v 10).
  5. God will always come to the rescue of his people (v 4, 13).

If our worship makes us weary – if it feels like work – if, in moments of anguish, we cry out and get no response – there is probably an idol in our lives.

God is not a burden – he’s a burden taker.

God does not make us weary – he offers the weary rest.

👉 There is something beautifully tender about a Savior who invites us to lay our burdens at his feet – even when those burdens are idols that we’ve made with our own hands.

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