Isaiah 36 Five Enemy Tactics and One Defensive Strategy

Isaiah 36

One of the enemy’s greatest tricks is to convince people that he doesn’t even exist. People don’t defend themselves against something that isn’t real, right?

Satan is real, y’all. And he’s alive and well – for now. Job told us that he walks to and fro on the earth and Peter warned us that he is seeking someone to devour.

As I read Isaiah 36, I saw some tactics the enemy used on God’s people and it’s the same ones we see him using today.


  1. He brought up past mistakes (v 6).

He reminded them that they had trusted in wrong things in the past. He wanted them to doubt who they were trusting in now.

  1. He purposely misinterpreted the actions and motives of the leaders God put in place (v 7).

The enemy reminded the people that Hezekiah had torn down the sacred altars but failed to mention that those altars were to false gods. The enemy is DIVISIVE. He wants to undermine godly leaders so that God’s people will be ineffective.

  1. He attempted to manipulate with fear and guilt (v 12).

If the leaders insisted on standing against the enemy – the people would also suffer the consequences. {If you stand for the things of God, friends, Christ is worth any earthly consequences.}

  1. He attempted to undermine the people’s faith in the power of God to save his people (v 15).

Mercy, doesn’t the enemy still use this one?

God can’t forgive THAT sin. You’ve gone TOO far now. There’s NO hope for you now.

Lies. All lies.

  1. He promised prosperity (v 16).

“Just follow me instead”, the enemy whispered, “and I’ll give you all the good things.”

The enemy is infamous for making promises on which he can’t deliver. We all know the saying, “Sin will take you places you never wanted to go and cost you more than you ever wanted to pay.” It’s never worth it.

So, what’s the answer? How do we defend ourselves against these enemy strategies. Because – let’s be honest – we’ve all fallen for at least one of them in the past.

Here’s our defensive strategy –

👉 Don’t entertain the enemy (v 21).

Look at Hezekiah’s instructions to his people…

But they {God’s people} were silent and answered him {the enemy} not a word, for the king’s command was, “Do not answer him.”

Do not answer him. Do not engage him. Do not argue with him. Do not toy with him.

Goodness. That will preach, right there.

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