Isaiah 9:1-7 Gloom to Glory

Isaiah 9:1-7

Our previous section ended with:
• distress
• darkness
• gloom
• anguish

Today’s reading, however, begins with one of my favorite words in Scripture…

👉 But

And, as I like to say, there are no small buts in Scripture. {Do not try to hashtag that, by the way, or things will go horribly astray.}

Just look what is going to happen when Jesus enters the scene.

gloom ➡️ glory (v 1)
darkness ➡️ light (v 2)
anguish ➡️ joy (v 3)
oppression ➡️ freedom (v 4)

They couldn’t see it right then – with the darkness and the gloom and the anguish. But it was a whispered promise of the glory to come.

If you find yourself in a time of distress, darkness, gloom, and anguish – listen to the Lord’s whisper of promise.

Glory is coming.

Light is coming.

Joy is coming.

Freedom is coming.

Your Savior is:

• ruler
• wise
• wonderful
• mighty
• father
• peace
• eternal
• just
• righteous

You are so loved.

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