Proverbs 18: On Isolation, Listening, and More

Proverbs 18

Some proverbs are hard to put into 150 words on an Instagram post. This one, for instance, I highlighted every verse. I recommend you read every word aloud and slowly.

👉 Side note: Did you know that you will retain more Scripture reading it aloud? Your ears will catch things that your eyes may skim over – especially with familiar passages.

With Proverbs 18 – I just picked out a couple concepts that stood out to me.

  1. Isolation (v 1)

• we were created for community and not intended for isolation
• to choose isolation is self- seeking
• to choose isolation is not using sound judgement

  1. Listening Well (v 2)

• listen with your face – look people in the eyes – give your full attention
• don’t rush people – give people time to tell their stories
• listen to learn – not to just know information – not in order to express your own opinion – listen to truly understand the person’s situation

  1. Jumping to conclusions (v 13)

• Think about it before you make a stink about it.

  1. Security (v 11)

• what / who am I trusting in?

Happy Monday, friends!

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