Proverbs 19 True Wealth

Proverbs 19

This whole proverb highlights the ideas of poverty and wealth. I don’t think anyone would be shocked to discover that we often get it all wrong.

And, again, while I could have something to say on every verse – 😆 – I will mention only two ideas here.

  1. What makes us shine in the eyes of the Lord is not what we might think.

While others may be impressed by wealth (v 4), gifts (v 6), luxury (v 10), royalty (v 12), and houses (v 14) – what makes us shine in the eyes of God is our willingness to overlook an offense (v 11).

It is to our glory! That word means splendor, radiance, finery, beauty. That’s what is truly valuable.

  1. When we are generous – God is more than generous (v 17).

We can give generously and selflessly of our time, talents, and resources knowing that the Lord will take care of our needs.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

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