Psalm 103: Forget Not

Psalm 103

Not long ago, I found an old journal of mine. In the margin of a page, years ago, I had scribbled the words, “She just won’t speak and I’m afraid.”

Suddenly, I was thrown back in time to when one of my daughters was an almost three year old who had never uttered a word. The fear. The worry. The desperate prayers.

Today, she speaks clearly and often. The Lord heard those prayers whispered and written by a weary mom. I have to be honest, as I looked through that journal, I had forgotten about that season.

I couldn’t help but think of that when I read David’s words, “Forget not all his benefits.”

We can’t forget what the Lord has done for us, who he is, and why he is worthy of our devotion.

• he forgives (v 3)
• he heals (v 3)
• he redeems (v 4)
• he offers love and mercy (v 4)
• he satisfies (v 5)
• he renews (v 5)
• he works righteousness and justice (v 6)
• he is gracious and slow to anger (v 8)
• he does not give us what we deserve (v 10)
• he shows compassion (v 13)
• he knows our frailty of our flesh (v 14)
• he is ruler over all (v 19)

Don’t forget, sweet friends.

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