Psalm 102: When Life is Difficult

Psalm 102

It can be difficult to keep a proper perspective when we are experiencing trials. I love that this psalm is titled “A Prayer of One Afflicted When He is Faint and Pours Out His Complaint Before the Lord.”

Anyone feeling afflicted today? Faint? Like pouring out your complaints to the Lord? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The psalmist began his song by describing his current situation (and it’s not great.)

• broken hearted
• unable to eat
• groaning
• unable to sleep
• lonely
• mocked
• crying
• withering away

Someone out there is nodding in agreement and saying, “Me too.”

Then, there is verse 12. But you, O Lord…

Trials come and it’s okay to feel our feelings for a minute. At some point, however, we must say, “But you, O Lord…” and remind ourselves of the power of God.

Because, even in the darkest of days, God is still:

• enthroned on high
• remembered throughout generations
• to be feared
• full of glory
• hearing prayers
• setting people free
• worthy of worship
• eternal
• changing people’s lives
• the same – yesterday, today, and forever

Aren’t you glad that God doesn’t grow weak or weary? That he is still on the throne? Working wonders on our behalf?

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