Psalm 75: When the Earth Totters

Psalm 75

When the earth and all its people totter…

• waver
• sway
• soften
• faint
• fear
• becomes disheartened
• despair
• melts
• losing firmness
• losing courage

Has anyone else felt as is they were “tottering” a little lately? Well, there’s good news at the end of verse 3.

…it is I who keep steady its pillars.

• examine
• check
• make right
• distribute according to plan
• be tested
• measure
• make correct
• hold firm
• maintain
• keep proper

God is – and always has been – in complete control of his creation. The sky is not falling. The world is not out of control. The Lord is just as aware and in control of a pandemic as he is aware and in control of your personal situation.

He’s {still} got the whole world in his hands.

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