Psalm 74: God is…

Psalm 74

We have all experienced disappointment, discouragement, and distress over the last 8 months. It’s been hard on us all, y’all.

For me – the anxiety has come, not from the experience, but from the uncertainty. Who can’t relate when the psalmist cries:

How long? v. 10

Why? v. 11

Don’t you just feel their feelings clear to the bone when they say (v 9):

We don’t see.

We don’t hear.

We don’t understand.

Then, the psalmist begins a little self-preaching. Reminding himself of everything that is certain.

• God is eternal (v 12)
• God is always at work (v 12)
• God is powerful (v 13)
• God is victorious (v 14)
• God is in control (v 16-17)

When the world seems uncertain – remind yourself of the unchanging nature of God.

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