Psalm 66: You are Loved

Psalm 66

In case you’re just tuning in – life is hard. I read today’s psalm and felt a certain kinship with the psalmist.

• tested
• tried
• entangled
• burdened
• trampled
• through fire
• through flood

Haven’t we all had seasons where every moment seemed difficult? Every step exhausting? Every inconvenience just one more burden to bear?

Pity party of one, please.

Yet, look at the psalmist’s response.

👉 Come! Let me tell you what God has done for my SOUL (vs 16.)

👉 I cried out to God with high PRAISE on my tongue (vs 17.)

His response to pain was praise and testimony. Well, that’s a whole different kind of party, now, isn’t it?

Question: How? Why? What makes one person respond to pain with self pity and another with praise?

Answer: The understanding that earthly trials are NOT indicators that God’s love for us has changed (vs 20.)

We long to be loved by the One who is love. And, when we understand that his love is steadfast, we view everything through the lens of love.

“To be loved but not known is superficial. To be known and not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, what it is to be loved by God.” (Tim Keller)

Whatever you face today, friend, – and I know that some of you are in the midst of fiery trials – don’t, not even for a second, doubt that you are deeply loved by your heavenly Father. You are cherished and adored. He gave everything for you. And his love for you hasn’t changed a single bit since the day he gave his own Son for you.

You are loved.

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