Psalm 65: All Praise is Due Him

Psalm 65

So often, when I’m counting my blessings, I focus on what I’ve been given.

Thank you for my health.

Thank you for my home.

Thank you for my… etc.

This psalm was a great reminder that my greatest blessing is in who God is – his goodness, his grace, his Godness.

So, today, let’s count the blessings we have in God.

• God hears us (vs 2.)
• God paid for our sin (vs 3.)
• God has chosen us and drawn us near (vs 4.)
• God satisfies (vs 4.)
• God performs awesome deeds (vs 5.)
• God answers us (vs 5.)
• God is our hope (vs 5.)
• God speaks peace to the sea (vs 7.)
• God speaks peace to us (vs 7.)
• God takes great care of his creation (vs 9.)
• God provides for us (vs 13.)
• God brings joy (vs 13.)

Now that is a list of blessings right there!

👉 What are you thankful for today?

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