Psalm 63: How to Survive a Wilderness Season

Psalm 63

This psalm was written by David “when he was in the wilderness.” Imagine the scene with me: David is seeking, thirsting, feeling faint, dry, and weary (vs 1.) Who can relate? 🙋‍♀️

We are all familiar – perhaps, all too familiar – with the wilderness seasons of life. If this morning finds you there – feeling faint, dry, and weary – I pray you find comfort in the sweet words of the psalmist.


  1. Keep your gaze on God (vs 2.)
  2. Remember the power of the Lord (vs 2.)
  3. Don’t stop worshipping in the wilderness (vs 3.)
  4. Remember that it is well with your soul (vs 5.)
  5. Verbally speak words of praise and joy – not grumbling (vs 5.)
  6. Guard your mind at night when you can’t sleep. Meditate on the Lord. Garbage in – garbage out. Gospel in – gospel out (vs 6.)
  7. Sing! Music is medicine for the soul (vs 7.)
  8. Don’t let go. God has got you (vs 8.)

The Lord will – not just sustain – but satisfy you as with rich and fat foods (vs 5) even in a wilderness without a drop of water (vs 1.)

Keep walking. This thing does not end here.

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