This plant was completely uprooted by some animal and left for dead. My husband stood it back up, packed soil around it, and we hoped for the best.

Look at it now. The stem at the bottom is at a 90°angle but that baby kept reaching for the sun until it bloomed and bloomed and bloomed. And the stem is still at that awkward angle as a reminder of all it overcame.

We are too quick to write people off – oftentimes, we write ourselves off – all because they (or we) were uprooted by circumstances or individuals.

But if we just help them stand back up, pack them in love, kindness, and truth – it may be just what they need to begin reaching for the Son. And we can’t undo the awkward beginnings but, just maybe, we wouldn’t want to anyway.

The broken bits and awkward angles are evidence of what God has brought them (and us) through.

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