Exodus 18: When the Load is too Much

Exodus 18

Moses had taken on the task of settling disputes and mediating disagreements for two million people. Y’all. That sounds absolutely exhausting. I don’t even like determining which of my children was the first to call, “Shotgun.”

But this is where Moses found himself. Spending morning until evening listening to all. the. people. talk about all. the. things.

Enter Jethro, the father-in-law.

“This is bad. It’s too much. This will not end well.” (My paraphrase of verses 17-18.)

👉Sometimes, we need someone a little removed from our situation to step in and speak truth into it.

👉Moses was very close with the Lord. Heard his voice! Yet, here we see that God will use other people to speak godly wisdom and sound counsel to us.

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