Exodus 19: Now Therefore

Exodus 19

There are a couple things that stood out to me in this chapter but, since this is not meant to be an in depth study, I will focus on verses 4-5.

God reminded the people of what they had seen Him do on their behalf. Then, there are two key words.

Now therefore…

As I have said countless times – when we see the word “therefore”, we ask ourselves, “What is it there for?” It is always meant to connect what we are about to read with what we have just read.

In other words, in light of what you have seen me do (vs 4,) this is the relationship I long to have with you (vs 5.)

If they would only obey God, He would do great things with, for, and through them. I love that God doesn’t just give the terms of the relationship first. Instead, he calls to their minds what they have already experienced with him. He had proven himself trustworthy. They had seen him protect and provide.

What is God asking us to trust him with today? Whatever it is, I’m certain we have seen him provide and protect in the past. Maybe we need to pause and reflect on all that he has done in our lives.

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