Love Your Neighbor

2020 is the year I’m diving into what it means to “love your neighbor.” Why do we grow weary, burn out, and give up so easily? How do we love lavishly, give generously, and live out the gospel? What does it look like when gospel learning and gospel living collide?

First, loving others has to become a lifestyle. It isn’t something that we sign up to do on a certain day. We don’t check our calendars or checkbooks before choosing to care about someone. We love when it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable, and costly. We love others when opportunities arise but we are also intentional about seeking out opportunities. We don’t make the needy always come to us.

Secondly, loving others means that we don’t see people as projects. We are called to do good works but no person wants to be our token good deed. Good deeds can be done discreetly, undocumented, and without deadlines. If it’s never posted online – it can still have a profound impact on someone’s life.

I, for one, am exhausted from investing in things that have no eternal significance. The world is broken. People are hurting. And no policy, program, or social media post is going to change that. Only Jesus.

Let’s get out there and live like we believe what we say we believe.

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