When You Forget to Bring Bread

The disciples forgot to bring bread (Mark 8:14.) Don’t you just hate when that happens? It’s been a long day. 5:00 rolls around and everyone is looking at you to feed them. And you went and forgot the bread. Nothing like being unprepared for an intimate gathering of thousands.

They begin discussing the problem among themselves (Mark 8:16.) Matthew is turning to Peter. John is looking at Mark. They’re all talking about their lack of bread. Notice how no one is talking to Jesus about the *problem.*

Jesus is all, “Why are y’all talking about this?” I imagine the emphasis on “y’all.” Like, why are you looking to each other and not to me? Have you forgotten what I have done for you in the past? (Mark 8:18)

Jesus had to remind them that they had been in the exact situation twice before and He had provided for them in abundance (Mark 8:19-20.) He had just fed five thousand people with five loaves and then four thousand with seven loaves. Yet, here they are in need of bread and they’re discussing it amongst. themselves.

Don’t we do the same thing? We find ourselves in a trial and we begin discussing it amongst ourselves. We go over and over the problem with people who have no way of fixing it. And we fail to talk it over with Jesus who has proven, time and again, that He knows how to take care of us. Do we not remember?

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