When Laziness Leads to Loss

Where are my “a Proverb a day” friends? Such a good habit to acquire because you always learn something new!

I saw something new in Proverbs 24 this morning. Specifically in verses 30-34.

Solomon walked by a vineyard that was a complete mess. It had become completely unfruitful. “Overgrown with thorns.” “Covered with nettles.” “Stone wall broken down.” Solomon did 4 things.

First, he literally saw it. He took notice. Then, he thought about it. He then took another look – perhaps studying it more. Finally, he “received instruction.” In other words, he asked, “What can I learn from this?”

And his takeaway was profound.

A lot of loss (verses 30-31) begins with a little laziness (verses 33-34.)

How long does it take for a vineyard to be completely overgrown? For its ground to be covered with nettles? For a stone wall to become broken down?

A long time, y’all. This vineyard had been neglected for quite some time. And it had begun with a “little sleep.” “A little slumber.” “A little folding of the hands.”

Our work, homes, relationships, and spiritual lives can become overgrown, broken down, and unfruitful when we become lazy in doing the daily things necessary to produce growth in those areas.

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