Attitude Before Action

“Prepare your minds for action…” 1 Peter 1:13

There are things we, as Christ followers, are called to do. We are not to sit and soak and brag about all we know while doing nothing to bring change to the world around us.

Scripture says that the world will know us by our fruit. They will see something in us that causes them to know what we truly believe what we say we believe. There will be a difference in the way we live – in our actions.

We are not commanded to be good – the Bible is clear that there is no one good, not one (Romans 3:10.) Yet, that is what we focus on. What we strive for, look for, and attempt to justify ourselves by – “I’m a good person.” Who cares? And, by the way, no you’re not. None of us are. That’s why the command is to do good.

Peter says that it all begins in the mind.

Prepare your minds for action. Attitude precedes action.

1 Peter has me hooked.

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