Pinterest Land: You Can Visit, But No One Really Lives There

{side note just for my dad: Pinterest is a website where you can build a collection of recipes you’ll never make, DIY projects you’ll never do and art projects you’ll decide are too messy all in one place}

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. Some days, I go flipping through pages and I am inspired. I see that homemadetoys in the floor whatnot that y’all are serving for dinner and I think, “I can do that.” Other days, I avoid social media all together because I know I’m serving frozen corn dogs for lunch and there isn’t any reason to photograph that one and pass it around. I visit all of your homeschooling pages and see the pictures of your children cutting and pasting while wearing smocks and smiles. Then, I have a day like yesterday where the baby is crying, the preschooler is bored and even I don’t want to read about ancient Egypt for the twentieth day in a row.

Here is what I had to tell myself as I sat in bed last night and, perhaps, you need to hear it. We can visit Pinterest Land. We can ooh and ahh over what we see there. We can even take a souvenir home with us. But no one actually lives there. At the end of the day, we all go home to our dirty laundry, our DIYs that didn’t and toddlers who colored on our walls. That is okay. We never really belonged in Pinterest Land, anyway.

One thought on “Pinterest Land: You Can Visit, But No One Really Lives There

  1. Yeah, maybe we need to think of Pinterest Land as a 3rd dimension (Twilight Zone even!). 😉 I used to get on Pinterest every. single. day. And if it was at bedtime then I felt like I had to catch up from where I last saw the night before. Not anymore. I do love it for inspiration and ideas (as you would be able to tell by how many pins and boards I have). We must all live in the real world though. 😉

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