More Than Healing

(Mark 5:25-34)

What stands between you and intimacy with Christ?20120903-130942.jpg

Apart from sin, the biggest barrier we encounter is shame.  That is why, very often, we want our healing to happen in private. We believe in His power. Yet, our instinct is to touch the hem of His robe and then disappear into the crowd.

But Jesus is interested in more than simply healing our hurts. His desire is that we be transformed.  That is why, though the woman had already been physically healed, He was insistent upon seeing her face to face.

So, He was looking around to see who had done this. – Mark 5:32

Shame had been her identity for so long. She thought she needed healing. Jesus knew that she needed to be seen.

Satan wants you to believe that you are your past.  He has a great memory and he loves to remind you of your every mistake.  He would love nothing more than for your identity to be all tied up in your shame.

That is why Jesus would not move on until the woman came to Him.  He could not let her slip away because she had not yet received all that He wanted her to receive.  So, He waited.  And she came to Him.

Then the woman…fell down before Him, and told Him the whole truth. – Mark 5:33

If we want transformation, we have to be willing to bare our souls to Christ. There is no confession that is going to shock Him.  There is no admission that will make Him turn away from you. He can heal from afar, but transformation happens in His presence.  This woman’s shame caused her to almost settle for healing.

But Christ, the great pursuer, gave her far more.

Go in peace and be free from your affliction. – Mark 5:34

She came to Christ bound by sickness and shame.

She walked away in peace and freedom.

Intimacy with Christ is far more than healing.  It’s a transformation – a brand new identity that has nothing to do with our shame, but everything to do with our Savior.

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