There is More to Your Story Than You Think

We don’t know who wrote the book of 2 Samuel. Clearly, the author was intimately acquainted with David. This is clear in chapter 23 when the author describes the man after God’s own heart.

The declaration of David son of Jesse,
the declaration of the man raised on high,
the one anointed by the God of Jacob,
the favorite singer of Israel: – 2 Samuel 23:1

Son of Jesse. Here we are given his earthly heritage. Raised on high and anointed by God. This is his godly heritage – his holy calling.


What has me completely enamored, however, is “favorite singer of Israel.” In the King James, it says, “the sweet psalmist of Israel.” I just love that. It goes to the heart of who David was – a shepherd with a harp and a heart for the Lord. Nothing goes to waste with God and David’s music was as much a part of the story as his anointing. It was a reminder to me that God knows the details of our stories and that he cares enough to point out the aspects of our lives that, to us, seem mundane.

Whether you are a singer or a writer or an apple pie baker, your gift is part of your story. So, you are never just a mom. You are a daughter of the Most High who happens to rock at making homemade play dough. You are never just a factory worker or a paper pusher. You are a vessel of the Holy Spirit entrusted with the mystery of the gospel who just happens to work tirelessly to bring home the bacon. Sometimes, we look at all of the aspects of our lives and we try to separate the sacred from the every day and we don’t realize that it’s all holy.

baby shoes

Because these gifts we have been given can be used to encourage others and bring glory to the Giver of the gift. David did not hoard his gift. He shared it with others and it blessed them. And God saw.

I have a friend who, when she sings, will give you a glimpse into what heaven will surely be like one day.

I have a friend who encourages me in this motherhood thing with just a pep talk and a diet coke.

I have been blessed by homemade meals, hand crocheted baby sweaters, handmade blankets and cards in the mail when I needed them most.

Maybe you have the gift of encouragement. Maybe you can sing or speak or write. Maybe you are a fantastic cook or homemaker or listener. Possibly, you have an uncanny knack for knowing how to entertain children during never ending winters. If so, please come to my home and use that gift. Please and thank you.

You may not be the sweet psalmist of Israel. But, maybe, you’re the sweet lullaby singer of your home. God sees that and, in the end, it will be part of your story. You may never be center stage or in the spot light. But, just maybe, you have walked with the wounded through dark valleys that no one else knows about. God sees that and, in the end, it will be part of your story.

There is more to your story than you may think, my friends.

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