Five Buttons Facebook Should Have to Help Clarify How We Really Feel About Your Posts and Pictures

Because the hubs isn’t home, the kids are all asleep and I have the computer all to myself.

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These deep thoughts came to me after writing this post where I confess that I sometimes click “like” on photos of the beach and whatnot simply because there is not a “bitter” button. This got me to thinking that, clearly, Facebook needs more options than just “like.”

So, here are my suggestions for 5 buttons Facebook should have to help clarify how we really feel about your latest post or picture. You’re welcome.

  1. Like, but am completely disinterested. This is for those posts about shows you have never seen, places you have never been, foods you have never tried and people you have never met. You have no interest at all in the specific information and, frankly, you do not know why it was shared. You do, however, respect the time and effort that went into the posting and would like to give it a little nod.
  2. Found this very interesting but it probably should have been a private message. We all love a little juicy inside information but, when it’s about you, and we have to see you around the water cooler the next day? Awkward. Sometimes,we are cringing a little on your behalf because you may have just over shared. Come on, you know who you are.
  3. We love you but you need some new material. So, it’s still really cold where you are? Oh, that is fascinating. You had a smoothie for breakfast? Please, tell us more. You bought what at the grocery store? Crazy! (I think you get the point.)
  4. I’m going to need more information so that I can make an educated decision on whether or not to like your post. This button is for those very vague posts when you aren’t really sure if the person even realizes they have posted. You feel like you walked into the middle of the conversation and missed the really important part. It’s for those moments when you read a post and think to yourself, “I think they meant to text that to someone.”
  5. Yeah, I’m gonna need you to tone down the happy just a little. This is the “I’m so very thrilled for you but am feeling quite bitter about it as well” button. Don’t even pretend that you don’t need one of these. This is for those folks who are at the beach in the midst of your snowmageddon. Or posting all of their date nights and engagement rings in the midst of your singleness. It’s not their fault. Really.

So, there you go. Now, before anyone gets offended (maybe there should be a button for that – nah, it would get WAY overused,) please know that I am probably guilty of all of these. It’s all in good fun, folks. Maybe, Facebook has the right idea. Just click “like” and move on.

Y’all are loved!!

4 thoughts on “Five Buttons Facebook Should Have to Help Clarify How We Really Feel About Your Posts and Pictures

  1. I want a “Don’t be a Debbie Downer” button for all those who are always posting negative status updates. My husband and I do celebrate Valentine’s Day but we are “no presents” VD celebrators but after this past weekend I thought, “Good grief, Wade should have got me something!!!” LOL We like to use Valentine’s Day to celebrate our love not to proclaim our love since we should be doing that already (and are pretty good at but are aware we can ALWAYS improve)! Great post and I agree I feel like I need at least 3 of those buttons some times…..Or a “quit bragging about how you’re spending your money” button. Can I have one of those??? LOL

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