5 Things Friday : 5 Meal Planning Tips For Women Who Don’t Like to Cook But Live Among People Who Insist on Eating

Well, would you just look here? A second week of 5 Things Friday. I can hardly believe it myself. Apparently, my goal for this series is to come up with the longest titles possible. Sorry about that. It’s just that I want you to be fully aware of what you’re getting into before you click. I feel it is my duty.lunch

Here’s the thing. I really want to enjoy cooking. I read the blogs. I bookmark the recipes. I have approximately 3,495 cookbooks. Every so often, much to my surprise, I make a fabulous meal. And I love that the peeps are pleased. It makes me happy. The next night, however, I am no more excited to cook than I was the day before.

My husband happens to come from a family of people who can cook. They make things from scratch and just happen to have things like juniper berries in their pantry. {Are those really a thing? I think they are but, honestly, I’m not sure. I guess I could look it up, but I probably won’t.}

I will say that I have come a long way from our newlywed days when all I knew how to make was buffalo chicken sandwiches and sweet potato casserole. Those two things are actually really good – just not together and not 2-3 times a week.

Prepare to be amazed!

5 Things Friday!

Here are my 5 meal planning tips for women who don’t like to cook but happen to live among people who insist on eating. I won’t be at all surprised if All Recipes or Betty Crocker wants to post these words of wisdom on their websites as well.

  1. Monthly meal scan. Monthly meal planning is all the rage. I read the blogs and am in awe that someone has 25-30 meals and snacks all planned out. I have tried it. And I have failed. My version of monthly meal planning is monthly meal scanning. What’s the difference? I’m so glad you asked. Planning involves looking ahead. Scanning involves looking back. Each week, I write down on a calendar what meals I made that week. I put a star by the ones that were a hit. Then, when I find myself struggling for ideas, I scan previous months and remember that everyone loved the chicken and dumplings in the crock pot that I made two months ago and, voila, it makes another appearance this week.
  2. Nachos make leftovers lovely. Nothing makes leftovers look lovely quite like nachos. Do you have leftover apple butter pork loin? Serve it over nachos. Leftover chuck roast from Sunday lunch? Serve it over nachos. (This is also lovely over rice.) And, my favorite original creation – Sloppy Nachos. Leftover sloppy joe meat served over nachos and topped with cheese. You’re welcome.
  3. Kids love a cold plate. This has been a life saver for me. At least once a week, it’s a cold plate for yogurtlunch. Fruit, yogurt, cheese and crackers, applesauce, string cheese, pretzels, nuts, veggies with ranch – the options are endless. And, stay with me, the kids can do it themselves! I have a designated drawer for such items in the fridge and a plastic tub in the pantry. When I tell the girls they are allowed to make a cold plate, they love it. It’s healthy. It’s fun. It’s easy. I call it a win.
  4. We’ll call it a tradition because that sounds all warm and homey. Have one meal that everyone likes that you make weekly. Maybe it’s spaghetti. Maybe it’s pot roast on Sundays. For us, it’s grilled cheese and tomato soup. Seriously, we have it every week. I never plan a specific day for us to have it. I just hold on to it until I reach that point in the week when the thought of coming up with something for dinner is just. too. much. It’s really best if it’s a meal that you can stock up on. Load your pantry with your favorite soup or pasta/sauce. You’ll thank me for it later.
  5. Okay, here’s the thing. I don’t really have a number 5, but having only 4 things on 5 Things Friday seemed kind of lame. So, my final meal planning tip is…take out. Or delivery. Because, really, is there anything better than having someone deliver hot foot to your door? It’s not cheap. I realize that. What I do, however, is just be extra careful with the grocery shopping that week and leave a little room for pizza on Friday. Or {shhh…don’t tell the kids} I make something for the kiddos and the hubs brings something yummy home for the grown ups.

There you have it. I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!!

4 thoughts on “5 Things Friday : 5 Meal Planning Tips For Women Who Don’t Like to Cook But Live Among People Who Insist on Eating

  1. Way to go on doing 2 weeks in a row of 5 things Friday! 😊
    Seriously though, you came up with a great list today. I especially like #5. 😄

  2. Same problem here they keep wanting food. I’ve tried to let them; fast, eat less or less often, I’ve even told them I am cancelling meal time – nothing successful, they just keep on wanting to eat. Now take myself I can stay without food just let me reach the coffee, rusks, oreos and shortbread ;o)

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