Inviting Guests to Your Nest

goody basketI have just finished cleaning my house in anticipation of some overnight guests. I just love opening up my home to friends and family. I’m reminded of another time when I was preparing my nest for guests.

I was, as I tend to be, overly concerned with what people might think of me or my home. So, I had worked myself up into a tizzy. I felt fairly good about the way my house looked until, at the very last minute, I noticed the microwave. Inside that thing was leftover splatters of innumerable meals. Don’t look at me like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

There was just no time to clean it. For the life of me, I could not think of any reason why we would need to use it that night. It was gonna be just fine.

Our company shows up and we’re playing games and we’re laughing. Good times were being had. Then, I’ll be darned if one of the ladies did not reach into her diaper bag, pull out a bottle, turn to her hubby and say, “Darling, could you just heat this up in the microwave for a few seconds?” I may or may not have audibly gasped.

Everything moved in slow motion as he walked over and pressed the button that opened the door to all my shame. That poor man looked back at his wife and I’m pretty sure he was trying to blink a message in Morse code. He slowly put the bottle in, closed the door, and seemed to pray that the Spaghettio’s that were stuck to the top of the microwave would stay in place for a few more seconds.

I am not even exaggerating when I tell you that I barely breathed the rest of the evening. I. was. mortified.

What’s my point?

Clean your microwave.

And, don’t worry so much about what people think. Hospitality isn’t about perfection and it has nothing to do with what you do or do not have. You can bless people with whatever God has given you.

Also, clean your microwave.

5 Tips for Preparing Your Nests for Guests

  1. Have a goody basket wherever the guests will be sleeping. Sometimes, we all get the munchies at night. Most folks are never, even if invited, going to help themselves to your pantry. Granola bars, peanut butter crackers, etc. Maybe a couple bottles of water.
  2. Place a couple of magazines or light reading material in the sleeping area. Crossword puzzle or word find books are also a good idea.
  3. Keep extra toiletry items in your main bath (disposable razors, tooth brushes, body wash, etc.) Then, make sure your guests know they can help themselves to any of it. This saves the guest any embarrassment over forgotten items.
  4. Don’t plan elaborate meals. Fruit and muffins for breakfast. Chicken salad croissants and chips for lunch. Something in the crock pot for dinner. Spend more time in fellowship than you do in the kitchen.
  5. Clean your microwave. Come on. You knew I was going to say that.

2 thoughts on “Inviting Guests to Your Nest

  1. My Granny’s hospice nurse asked to use our microwave for her lunch the other day. All I could think of was that I wish I had heeded your advice. 🙂 It’s clean now. No one will probably want to use it until it is dirty again, though.

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