Super Easy, Super Cheap Frozen Treats

My kids love to play outside even when it’s blazing hot. So, I like to keep some sort of frozen treat on hand. These are my go-to, super easy, super cheap frozen treats!

Frozen Grapes

frozen grapesThis is terribly complicated, y’all. Wash the grapes. Put them in a bowl. Place bowl in freezer.

Let the kiddos eat these straight up or use them as ice cubes in a glass of water. So fun!








Crystal Light Pops

Two ingredients: your favorite flavor of Crystal Light and water.

Mix the two together and you have the makings of something wonderful. These popsicle molds came from Target for $1.50.

sara popsicle

crystal light pops1











Faux Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cast of characters: graham crackers (chocolate if you want to get wild!) and whipped topping

ice cream sammies1First, spread a little lot of whipped topping onto a graham cracker.Β ice cream sammies2

Then, top that with another graham cracker.




Until, you have a bunch of these beauties.




Fill up a container with them. Make sure to put some wax paper between the layers. Put them in the freezer and, voila!, faux ice cream sandwiches.

ice cream sammies3


You’re welcome.

Now, go amaze your kids!


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  1. We love frozen grapes too … I can snack on them all day.

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