You might be a working mom if…

10.   You know that you’ve already wore that outfit this week and you. just. don’t. care.

9.     You have ever left your purse at daycare and taken a diaper bag to work.

8.     You have ever called your boss “honey.”

7.     You are an expert at throwing sippy cups, pacifiers and other miscellaneous items from the driver’s seat to a child in the third row.

6.     Your “vacation” days usually include visits to the pediatrician or school field trips.

5.     You use words like “potty” and “tee tee” in normal conversations with co-workers.

4.     You have ever brought home a “surprise” for the kids from the vending machine in the break room.

3.     Your six year old tells you to “put a reminder on your cell phone” because you tend to forget things like picture day, church events, breakfast…

2.     You have ever sniffed a pair of socks to see if they could be worn just one more time.

And, finally, you might be a working mom if…

1.     You are just. plain. tired.  Oh, who are we kidding, that applies to every mom.  🙂

Grab a cup of coffee.  It’s only Thursday!

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6 thoughts on “You might be a working mom if…

  1. Gotta tell ya, #s 5 & 3 apply 1.) if you have a puppy dog that is like your child. Words like “potty” are in my everyday vocabulary and many a vet appointments and heartworm medicine doses have wound up in my phone’s calendar!

    #s 10 & 2 apply if you’re 1.) lazy and don’t care what your co-workers think (especially knowing no one pays that close attention to your outfits and will never know that you’ve already worn those slacks this week) and 2.) if you don’t like doing laundry. I have been known to put on socks when I get home, sleep in them then wear them the next day to the gym.

  2. I saw this post on my google reader, and really enjoyed it. I am, of course, a working mom! (Of course, all moms work, but I mean a mom who works outside the home!). I blog about my adventures as a working mom. If you get a chance, stop by and see what you think! I’d be honored to know what you think!


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