2 Corinthians 9 – The Five Cent Tour

2 Corinthians 9

I rarely go over a page in my journaling because I like to be concise. But there was so much good stuff in this chapter!

So, I’ll give you the five cent tour of this chapter and you’re gonna want to read it and get the behind the scenes details for yourself. 😉


👉 We have a call to readiness (v 1-5). Be ready to give, to serve, to sacrifice.

This made me ask myself, “Am I living in a way that allows me to be ready to give of my time, talents, and resources or do I stretch myself so thin that I am unable to help when a need arises?

👉 To sow sparingly is to reap sparingly and to sow bountifully is to reap bountifully (v 6).

Interesting side note: we like to make things about ourselves and, so, it’s tempting to think the bountiful reaping will be material blessings for ourselves. This is actually referring to bearing fruit for God’s Kingdom. That is the harvest we should seek when we are sowing.

👉 God’s promise is that, if I am sowing, he will supply and multiply the seed as well as increase the harvest.

The seed = abilities and opportunities to do gospel work

The harvest = Kingdom results

👉 We are enriched in EVERY way in order to be generous in EVERY way (v 11).

We have the ability to be generous in every way. In what area am I tempted to be stingy?

Happy Monday, sweet friends!

{I will post close ups of these notes in the stories for those interested.)

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