1 Corinthians 2 Christ and Cross

1 Corinthians 2

Paul was not an eloquent speaker. He didn’t use the catch phrase of the day. He didn’t have a cool light show. What he had was a message from God.

Paul’s message was Christ and Cross. Over and over. Every church in every town. He referred to the cross 5 times in just these first two chapters. {Pretend bonus points if you can find them.}

This was Paul’s platform (v 3):

• in weakness
• in fear
• in trembling
• no eloquent speech

Way to draw a crowd there, Paul. You’re never gonna get a mega church that way. Or be a social media influencer. What are you even doing with your life?!?

Oh, you’re just pointing people to the cross (v4-5)? The message is enough? The Holy Spirit can bring people to faith without a 9ft grand, a 10 piece band, and a 12 girl chorus line?

Christ and cross. That is the message.

👉 Are we still mesmerized by the message?

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