Isaiah 56 Promises of Christ

Isaiah 52

For those who know Christ as Lord – good things are coming. Though struggles continue here on earth – an eternity of blessings await us.


• strength (v 1)
• beauty and glory (v 1)
• an end to grief (v 2)
• freedom (v 2)
• good news (v 7)
• peace (v 7)
• happiness (v 7)
• salvation (v 7)
• joy (v 8 )
• singing (v 9)
• comfort (v 9)
• redemption (v 9)
• guidance (v 12)
• protection (v 12)

👉 People would cover themselves in dust and ashes when they were grieving. So, Isaiah is telling the people to shake off the dust (v 2) because the days of grief were coming to an end.

He then tells them to arise and be seated. The idea there is to be seated on a throne.

From mourning to majesty. That is the promise, friends.

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