Isaiah 40 Truths for Troubling Times

Isaiah 40

This life is difficult. For everyone. No one makes it through unscathed and we all bear the scars of worldly wounds.

So, chapter 40 is particularly comforting if you’re in one of those difficult valleys right now. It’s full of truths to remember in troubling times.


  1. You belong to God (v 1).

“Comfort, MY PEOPLE…” It’s no wonder the passage begins here. We need to remember that we belong to God. This means that all the truths that follow are for us!

  1. God is tender (v 2).
  2. Hardship will end (v 2).
  3. Iniquity is pardoned (v 2).
  4. Every obstacle between God and His people will be removed (v 4).
  5. The glory of the Lord will be revealed (v 5).
  6. The Word of the Lord stands forever (v 8 ).
  7. The Lord will come and reward the faithful (v 10).
  8. The Lord will gently carry the weak (v 11).
  9. The Lord has authority over all creation (v 12).
  10. The Lord has all wisdom (v 14).
  11. The Lord gives power to the weak (v 29).
  12. We shall run and not grow weary (v 31).

I can’t pretend to know all the struggles you are currently facing. But I do know that you need to take some truth with you today.

You are loved.

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