Psalm 94: How to Spot Wickedness (in others AND ourselves)

Psalm 94

How do we recognize the wickedness in others and in ourselves?

• the wicked are arrogant (v 4)
• the wicked are boastful (v 4)
• the wicked are violent (v 5)
• the wicked are merciless (v 6)
• the wicked are ignorant (v 7)
• the wicked create and support unjust laws (v 20)
• the wicked persecute the righteous (v 21)
• the wicked condemn the innocent to death (v 21)

There is so much wickedness in the world. It can seem overwhelming.

But – the Lord:

• hears (v 9)
• sees (v 9)
• disciplines (v 10)
• teaches (v 10)
• knows (v 11)
• administers justice (v 15)
• will wipe out the wicked (v 23)

The Lord is completely aware of what is going on in his world.

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