Psalm 79: In the Face of the Enemy

Psalm 79

It was heartbreaking to read the pain of the people in this psalm. The enemy had destroyed Jerusalem, killed God’s people, and mocked their faith. Isn’t that just like Satan – to kill, steal, and destroy?

The enemy:

• defiles v. 1
• destroys v. 1
• desecrates v. 2
• disrespects v. 3
• derides v. 4 (mocks, ridicules)

And they didn’t know how long it would last (v. 5.)

But… (and, remember friend, there are no small buts in Scripture 😉)

The people were holding on to what they knew to be true.

They belonged to the Lord and they were still the sheep of his pasture (v. 13). They were still listening for the voice of the Shepherd and committed to following wherever he went.

AND they were going to be grateful, praising, testifying people as they went (v. 13.)

Lord, I need a little more of that attitude in my life.

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