Psalm 46: A Very Present Help

Psalm 46

I don’t know how he does it.

I can’t believe she is still standing.

I could never survive if that happened to me.

Haven’t we all thought or said some variation of these sentiments? I would think the same thing if I heard the psalmist declare that he would not be afraid even if the mountains crumbled into the sea, the oceans roared and foamed, or if the whole earth suddenly gave way. What kind of person doesn’t fear in the most fearful of circumstances?

The one who is certain of the presence of God.

👉 God is very present… vs 1

👉 God is in the midst… vs 5

👉 The Lord of hosts is with us… vs 7

👉 The Lord of hosts is with us… vs 11

God is very present…therefore I will not fear…even though…

I don’t know what your “even though” is today – but, sweet friend, God is very present.

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