Psalm 28: Set Apart

Psalm 28

Lord, it is good to belong to you.

That’s what I feel when I read David’s words here. The Lord hearing him? And responding to him? The back and forth of intimate conversation with the creator of the world?

This relationship with God made him different from all those destined for the pit (vs 2.)

It immediately brought to mind Moses’ words in Exodus 33. When the people had sinned greatly and God declared that his presence would no longer go with them. Moses insisted that it was the fact that God went with them that set them apart from “every other people on the face of the earth.” (The whole Exodus series is in the squares immediately preceding the Psalms one we are currently doing.)

Both David and Moses made it clear that God’s people are special. Different. Set apart. We have the presence of God – in the form of the Holy Spirit – dwelling within us everywhere we go. God hears us when we cry and responds in return.

But everyone to whom much is given, much is expected (Luke 12:48.)

Our behavior should also set us apart. Our actions and attitudes. The way we treat others. The way we handle stress. The way we forgive and seek forgiveness.

👉 What sets you apart from the world around you?

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