A Three Part Prayer

Psalm 13 has been my passage for today. It’s an intimate glimpse into David’s prayer life. It’s only 6 short verses but it shows me three key elements of prayer.

Verses 1-2: David shares his feelings with the Lord. He feels forgotten. He feels forsaken. It’s a beautiful reminder that God can handle our feelings.

Verses 3-4: David shares his fears. He fears that his enemy will triumph. He fears that he may not even physically survive the trial he is enduring.

Verses 5-6: David shares his faith. “But I…,” he declares. Regardless of his circumstances, David still had a choice he could make and make it he did. He chose trust. He chose worship.

The last verse is everything. “I will sing to the Lord because he has dealt bountifully with me.” No matter my feelings and fears, I will sing because I remember what the Lord has already done for me and am confident that he will do it again.

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