Interacting with People Who Believe Differently

We live in a world where people tend to only associate with those who think/look/act/believe/vote the same as them. I find this incredibly sad and, dare I say, boring. I also do not think it is at all what God wants for us. He never calls us to do the holy huddle where we circle up and only allow certain folks to join us.

I love how Scott Sauls writes about this in his book, Befriend. He said Jesus was seen inviting people to belong before they believed.

As I read in 1 Peter this morning, I saw this same expectation. Peter instructed believers to keep their conduct among the Gentiles honorable.

“Gentiles” was referring to unbelievers. The disciples were to conduct themselves in a friendly, kind, morally good, honorable way as they interacted with people who believed differently than them. Do you see that there is never a command to interact but, an expectation that they are already doing so?

May this be a call to us to break up our holy huddles. To make the circle wider. To invite others to belong. And to do so with honor, friendliness, goodness, and kindness.

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