3 Characteristics of a Wise Woman

Proverbs 9 gives us a beautiful picture of what it means to live as wise women. There are three characteristics mentioned.

  1. A wise woman is hardworking (vs 1-2.) She builds her house, slaughters the oxen, mixes the wine, and sets the table. The foolish woman, on the other hand sits (vs 14.)
  2. A wise woman is generous (vs 3-6.) She invites others to come in and enjoy the very things that she worked so hard to prepare. The foolish woman, on the other hand, offers others what cost her nothing (vs 17.)
  3. A wise woman leads others to the Lord and the way of life (vs 10-11.) The foolish woman has nothing to offer but death (vs 18.)

I was drawn to the generosity of the wise woman. She offered freely to others what had cost her time, energy, and money. My desire is that I would give sacrificially, not superficially. That I would not give “if I have extra.” But that I would do without if it meant someone else would have what they need.

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