What to do When You Don’t Know What to do

I love the Old Testament. It’s filled with real people who experienced real emotions as they dealt with real trials. I love people’s stories. When reading about these individuals, we must remember that it isn’t fiction. It is real life in all of its grit and glory.

2 Chronicles 20 is right up there with my all time favorite passages. You have God’s people up against a scary enemy. They are afraid and overwhelmed and, in their own words, “don’t know what to do.”

After seeking the Lord, they have their answer. They appoint people to sing to and praise the Lord. They dress those people in their holy attire and have them march before the army. Before the army. The people’s first line of defense isn’t the strength of their soldiers but the power of their praise.

Then, when the people began singing and praising, the Lord began moving on their behalf. The people praised in advance.

So, we do know what to do. We praise. In advance. In confidence. And wait for God to move.

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