Don’t be a Weak Woman

There are so many voices. So many opinions. So much noise. There are books and blogs. People and platforms. Conferences with catchy themes. It’s easy to get swept away by charismatic teachers and ear-tickling teaching.

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We can google anything and fill our minds with useless trivia which may serve us well at a dinner party but will be of no use when we are blindsided by life. We can, quite possibly, gorge ourselves on information and our souls can still starve for lack of truth.

Always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 3:7 ESV

We have an enemy who lurks about. He walks up and down upon the earth (Job 1:7) and he’s just looking for anyone to devour (1 Peter 5:8.)

In 2 Timothy, Paul says that there are people who creep around outside households in the hopes of capturing weak women (2 Timothy 3:6.) He describes those women as those who are always learning but never arrive at the truth. They are weak!

Satan is creeping around outside our homes and he is not going to be scared away by some catchy quote from our latest favorite blogger or the lyrics to the latest hit song. He doesn’t care if that Bible teacher tells you you’re fabulous or if that preacher gives you all the warm fuzzies when he preaches.darkness

Some time ago, my husband was home alone and noticed an empty truck at the end of the driveway. He couldn’t seem to locate the owner of the vehicle and could only assume that he was lurking around the outside of the house.

He called 9-1-1 and informed the operator that she may want to send someone to the house. Actually, what he said was, “Someone is creeping around my house and I’ve just loaded my shotgun.” Because that is how you respond when some fool is lurking around your home.

Don’t misunderstand me. I love Bible studies. I attend women’s conferences. Obviously, I’m not opposed to bloggers or authors. But none of it matters if we don’t know Truth. The truth is our only defense again the enemy waiting outside our households.  We must, like the people of Berea, take what we hear and compare it to Scripture (Acts 17:11) so that we are not led astray or left defenseless.

The surest way to not be the weak women Paul references is to be women in the Word!

You are loved. <3

5 thoughts on “Don’t be a Weak Woman

  1. Well said Stacy! I keep thinking of the verses that warn us against false teachers. And I truly believe there are many well known speakers and pastors out there who are false teachers leading Christians astray. It amazes me how Christians, who I know have had formal bible training, have succumbed to false teachers who are using the Bible to say certain sins are acceptable to God. I keep trying to find in scripture where they are coming up with these so called “truths” and I can’t find them. It’s especially hard when a close family member has fallen for the lies. So I whole-heartily agree that to avoid being a weak woman, you need to know & study God’s word.

  2. Thank you for this post! I want to live only for the Lord and not become distracted!! I believe the overwhelming majority of believers in America are living the defeated Christian life… I want Revival in my own heart!!!

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