Don’t get offended. Just bless their heart.

I used to get my feelings hurt very easily. I was quick to be wounded or offended. You know the type – the ones that, every time you post something on Facebook, they always assume you are talking about them. There is a certain amount of arrogance that accompanies insecurity. Am I right?walmart

I would get very upset when the sweet grandma at the mall would comment on the fact that my baby should have her head covered. Forget the fact that it was July and 89 degrees. Instantly, I would feel small and inadequate.

Over the years, however, God has really set me free from that constant need to please every living soul that ever happened to cross my path. Because, y’all, that is an exhausting way to live. Also, choosing to be constantly offended by every thing and everyone? No one wants to be around that.

I knew I had really grown in this area when, a short time ago, I made a trip to Walmart – where the floors are always sticky, the buggies are always squeaky and they are always “cleaning the bathroom.” {Please picture me doing air quotes there. Come on, you have been in those bathrooms.}

There I was with my gaggle of girls in the cereal aisle when I notice this guy staring at me. Just when I was about to get really paranoid, he begins counting my kids. Out. Loud. Now, I often get asked if they are all mine. I’ve been asked if I’m a nanny. But, this guy? He turns to me and says, “Do all of your children have the same dad?”

I’ll let that soak in for a minute.


Now, my mother raised me right. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then you just bless their heart. {Okay, really, my people are from Ohio and we don’t bless anyone’s heart. We are more likely to say, “Um, you may want to retrace your steps because I’m pretty sure you left your common sense on aisle two.}

But, here’s the thing. I am not that easily offended person anymore. I just looked at him and said, “Why, yes, yes they do.” To which he replied, “Wow, are you gonna have more?” At this point, I really began looking for the hidden camera. When I realized that this guy was, in fact, really asking these question, I began to slowly back away. While smiling and nodding, of course.

My point is this – I know, you didn’t think I really had one – don’t be easily offended.

When someone says something that makes you think they left their good manners somewhere in the bakery section, just smile and bless their heart.

When someone over shares on Facebook (yeah, I’m looking at you), don’t get all riled up, just bless their heart and move on.

Say it with me.

Bless. their. heart.

Seriously, there is freedom there.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

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